Service List and Prices

Mow, Edge, Sweep - Front and Back Yard $28-$45 (& up)
Lawn Aeration $60 & up
Leaf Removal  $65/hr + disposal
Hedges, Weed Removal and General Labor $65/hr (2 man crew)
Sod Install, Bulk Dirt/Gravel, Mulch, Fences  Call for free estimate
Sprinkler/Iriggation repair services LI19822 $65 service fee
All listed prices do not have sales tax included. Sales tax is charged.  

About Our Services

Our Equipment: We use high quality commercial "walk behind" mowers for our residential lawn customers. 

Our staff is professional and English speaking.

Although we take the utmost care around piping and sprinkle heads, we are insured and will fix any damage that our crews cause. We are not responsible for damage done to piping, wiring, sprinkler heads that are not installed properly.

If you are unhappy with the way your lawn was cut call us immediately. We will come fix the problem and if we can't fix it then you will receive a discount for that mowing.


Can I pay with a Credit Card?
Yes. Like any business we would love to get cash 100% of the time but realize this is oftern very inconvenient for our customers. Cash, Check, and all major credit cards are accepted.

What happens if it rains?
We come mow. Our equipment can handle cutting wet grass and we keep our blades sharp. The only exception is strong or extended rain. In that case we will come and mow on the next available day. Saturday mowing may be necessary in some cases.

When do I get a bill?
The first time we come to mow your lawn payment will be required at the time the service is completed. After that you can continue to pay at the time of service or receive a monthly bill via mail or email.